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Sterling Partners

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    We are a private equity firm with a distinct point of view on how to build great companies. We’ve been here since 1983 and have invested billions of dollars, but that’s not what really defines us. Our purpose is Inspired Growth, which describes not only what we do, but how we do it. It reflects an unrelenting commitment to people and partnerships, to ideas and ideals that drive success.


    We invest in EDUCATION. Why? Because education is freedom in our increasingly global and dynamic society. The world has never been more in need of schools and services that deliver on their promise. Our companies have proven for over three decades that world-class student outcomes and value creation are not mutually exclusive.


    We invest in HEALTHCARE. Virgil was right when he wrote, “The greatest wealth is health.” It matters to everyone, everywhere. However, in a system of chronic inefficiencies and rising costs, patients are often the ones paying the price. Our companies are committed to bucking that trend by maximizing both the effectiveness and affectiveness of the services they offer.


    We invest in BUSINESS SERVICES. We live in a world where minutes and margin matter every day. Growth is achieved not only by working harder...but smarter. Businesses around the world are in need of inspired providers to help them grow revenue, increase efficiency, improve quality, and mitigate risk. For over 20 years, our companies have delivered on that demand.