Sterling Partners


  • Speaks

    to our belief that people are motivated by ideas and ideals. We strive to be inspired partners in the truest sense — committed, innovative, trustworthy.
  • confirms

    our commitment to mission-driven businesses — it needs to be clear and it needs to matter in order for people to give a damn.
  • Underscores

    our passion for building businesses that are
    magnetic — to the best ideas, the brightest leaders, and the most inspiring behaviors.


  • Reaffirms

    our conviction that growth is our True North — our foremost reason for being.
  • Speaks

    to our commitment to people. Value only grows when people grow.
  • Manifests

    our attitude of insisting on challenging the status quo. We hold steadfast to the belief that a healthy dose of restlessness is a driver of success.


Small and middle market

You’ve built a differentiated, profitable business that matters to its customers. You can see its boundless growth potential, but are looking for a partner that can actually help. We’re that partner.


Does your growth potential look more black-diamond than bunny slope? Is demand for your service more tsunami than ripple? We can help you deliver.


We believe in the marriage between vision and tenacity that begets inspired leadership. If you have the guts to stand up for what you believe in AND are willing to roll up your sleeves to seize an opportunity…let’s talk.

Large, Addressable Markets


The world has never been hungrier for educational services that deliver on their promise. We have proven for over three decades that world-class student outcomes and value creation are not mutually exclusive.


There are a lot of fish swimming in this 2.5 trillion dollar pond. Only those that consistently deliver quality and value to patients or lower cost to the system will have staying power.

Business Services

This large addressable market is full of differentiated B2B players that will matter in all economic climates. We have partnered with many of them over the years, and we’re looking for more.



We invest up to $175 million in each company with which we partner. It always takes more than money, but it’s a key input to the growth engine.


Our business is a team game. We commit to being team members in the truest sense and expect that in return.


Bigger is usually better in our world…and we dream BIG. The degree to which we become bigger will always depend on our dedication to getting better at what we do…together.


We believe in building businesses worth buying. For our partners, we believe the second bite of the apple should be bigger than the first.



We’ve been operating in this industry for three decades. We’ve invested in over 90 companies through good and bad markets, recessions and economic prosperity. Our approach to building businesses has been tested and proven many times.


In this complicated and volatile world, there are no “gimme” putts. Outsized growth demands inspired ideas…not once, but throughout a company’s evolution.


Being in the right market with the right business model doesn’t mean much without the right people and support ecosystem. We help our partners build a team of A-players at all levels (read more in Talent). Our internal team includes dedicated resources with decades of experience in strategy, operations, financing, IT, legal, and governance. Consider them a direct extension of your senior team.

World-Class Directors

Our companies are supported by over 70 outside directors that have run some of the world’s leading companies. They are active, engaged, and driven by the same passion for building businesses that drives us.

Deep Network

It takes a village to build an inspired company. Our external network is deep and consists of proven partners, advisors, and thought leaders to help turn your growth ambition into reality. Your Rolodex just got a lot thicker.

Best Practices

We believe that the value of knowledge isn’t cumulative; it’s exponential…and we never stop learning. We have built an invaluable catalog of systems, processes, and tools based on our experiences. It’s a key element of our playbook and as our partner, it’s yours.